Sprouting your seed card

Prepare your Pot

Fill your pot 2/3 full with good potting mix. You want the potting mix to be firm, but not packed. The paper can be planted indoors or outside, during peak winter or summer, we recommend indoors.

Plant the Paper

Take your card, soak card in water until soft. Place softened card on top of the soil in your pot.  Cover with 1/2cm of soil and press down gently. 


Now give the pot a good soaking. You want the soil to be thoroughly damp, but without pooling of water. Before the seeds have sprouted, the paper must be moist at all times or the seeds will not germinate properly. Germination should take 7 – 21 days. Many seeds are embedded in the thickness of the paper and if it dries and hardens, the shoots of the newly germinating seeds will not be able to push through.

Ongoing care

Once sprouted, continue to keep the paper moist but be mindful not to overwater. As the plant grows, water as needed.