Bath Soak - Perfect Potion
Bath Soak - Perfect Potion

Bath Soak - Perfect Potion

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The soothing, calming aroma of lavender is enhanced by comforting sweet orange, nurturing geranium, and confidence-inspiring ylang ylang in this beautifully soul-nourishing blend, to help you dispel stress and anxiousness and nurture serenity, calm and inner peace.

Chakra Balancing
Evocative of a mystical incense, the divine synergy of 25 pure essential oils in Chakra Balancing harmonises and aligns your energy centres; reconnecting body, mind and spirit. Subtle notes of herbs and spices are held together in warm notes of woods and resins, while sweet floral notes are harmonised with hints of citrus. Bathe in Chakra Balancing to purify and align body, mind and spirit...

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