Dried Festive Wreaths

Dried Festive Wreaths

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Our wreaths will be for sale on Monday the 15th of November, early-bird release 5 am, and full release 5 pm, for $139 each including delivery, with very limited numbers. Wreaths are on a 35-40cm base that is handmade in Brisbane.

These have so many beautiful native elements such as kangaroo paw, teatree, rice flower, budding gum, strawflower, crows ash pod, woolly bush, grevillea foliage and banksia coccinea, as well as some other festive additions such as pine, dryandra and berzelia. They are 100% handmade and each design will be slightly unique as we accentuate the natural shape of the pieces in each wreath.




These wreaths are all naturally dried using no chemical preservatives. This wreath has the potential to last several Christmas seasons if cared for correctly. Due to the delicate nature of dried floral products try to avoid:

  • Strong winds. Strong winds can damage both the individual elements of the wreath and the structural integrity.
  • Damp! As this is a natural product if the wreath gets damp elements could go mouldy


Gravity can take its toll on all of us, so when the silly season comes to an end we recommend storing your wreath flat on its back (or even upside down for a while). This will help prevent any sagging.

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