Bare Hunts ☮

Occasionally if we have an orphan bouquet, we give it a home in a random act of flowers (and have a little fun in the process).

On days that we do this, we will leave a bouquet in a West End location at approx 5pm with a photo of the location. If you recognise the location and get there first, you get yourself a little treat. Share this with any West Endians that you think will enjoy this sporadic little sustainable treasure hunt!

We ask that on these occasions if you take the posy please tell us so that we know it's been taken to a good home :) even though it's all compostable, we don't want to be inadvertently trashing our beautiful West End neighbourhood!

Stay tuned to our socials for any upcoming Bare Hunts! It could be today, it could be next week, it could be in Orleigh park, or out the front of Quanh Thanh - who knows!?

Love Katie & Heaven ✌

lil bouquet with sunflowers and gumnuts for our Bare Bomb giveaway in West End